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533 3rd Street
Union City, NJ 07087

Phone: 201.766.3144
Fax: 866.584.3194

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We offer a variety of cameras to fit any light level, weather condition, or special circumstance. Using high resolution analog, IP (internet protocol), or wireless cameras, we can design a system specifically suited to your needs, or integrate our cameras into a system you already have in place.


Our CCTV technicians plan around each location’s environment to create the best possible footage with unobtrusive camera placement and discreet wiring solutions.


Technicians respond quickly and effectively to camera and DVR issues, resolving problems and preventing possible future issues. All new installations are covered by a 1-year support warrantee, with options for extension available. We also provide training to the customer and staff for using the newly installed equipment, ensuring that you are getting the most out of your new surveillance system.


Our systems allow for multiple monitoring stations and easy navigation and review of video footage. Footage is stored on our custom-built DVRs, and access to cameras and footage is designated by customer requirements. As an optional monthly service, Cassidy Development also offers a nightly off-site back-up and archive of ALL recorded footage. Footage is stored on hard disks utilizing RAID technology for ultimate data protection. Footage is then transferred to DVD for long term storage. Also included in this package is constant monitoring of DVR health; if for some reason (power failure, vandalism) the DVR stops recording or malfunctions, we will know within 30 minutes and take action.


All cameras are color High Resolution

• Day/Night
• Vandal Proof
• Outdoor/Weatherproof
• Wireless Cameras
• IP Cameras
• Unobtrusive and durable Mounting Options and Camera Enclosures

Cassidy Development also installs discreet snake and Pinhole Cameras which can be fitted to most any environment for covert video surveillance.


Our customized Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) surpass image quality and capabilities of older VCR-based and digital systems. Our Geovision-powered DVRs have many advanced functions and provide user-friendly interface for monitoring, searching, and reviewing your footage, and are custom build specifically to your requirements.

Cassidy Development is on the cutting edge of DVR technology and offers only the BEST recording quality and FPS (Frames Per Second). We also offer online access to our DVR’s, enabling you to review footage and monitor cameras from anywhere using a secure online connection.



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